Obtaining an authentic NBA jersey from Lids can make any sports fan feel excited. Most especially if the jersey has a signature of the player or the jersey has been worn by the player. Due to the huge demand for authentic jerseys, the supplies are getting lesser. As a result, the prices are getting higher. At the same time, fictitious ones are being sold. When you’re buying NBA jerseys, especially at online stores, it is essential that you understand the difference between the genuine and the fabricated one. You must look for a jersey that is made of the best quality.

The first thing that you have to do in order to determine if the jersey is authentic or not is to recognize its manufacturer. When you’re shopping for the latest NBA jersey then its manufacturer should be Adidas. Authentic NBA jerseys are being provided by Adidas. Jerseys that are not manufactured by Adidas are not authentic.

Aside from this, you should also be cautious of the material being used. This can be found on the tag of the jersey. A genuine jersey is made of ClimaCool polyester. This is the same material being used by the players on the court. This is an excellent material since it can allow the cloth to breathe making you feel cool while playing. Likewise, ClimaCool polyester is sturdier. This means that you can wear this jersey while playing the basketball.

In order to prove its authenticity, you should also inspect other elements. This includes the embroidered official NBA logo which is located near the collar. It must consist of the right team logo, name, and number. Examine also the fabric being used on the logos. Make sure that the thread is sewn in contrasting color. They should be ironed on the jersey. If all of these are not present then it is not authentic.

Official NBA jerseys are not the only way that you can show your devotion to a particular team. There are still two lower level options. The first one is the swingman jerseys. It has a similar look of an authentic jersey. However, the material being used is not ClimaCool. Rather, it uses a polyester flat back mesh so it can look similar to the authentic one. It has the same official logos, names, and numbers. Nevertheless, instead of being embroidered, they are printed.

A budget-friendly option is the replica jersey. It also uses a flat back mesh, just like the swingman jersey. This is made of polyester which is less durable compared to ClimaCool. The logos, names, and letters are all printed.

When should you buy authentic NBA jerseys? It is not advisable to shop for jerseys during the basketball season as well as during the holiday season. The demand during these periods is quite high. Except when a particular player changes teams during the mid-season. Most likely, you can enjoy a discounted price on his old team jersey.

The best time to buy jerseys is a few weeks after the end of the season. Also, during drafting, training camps and the start of the season. You can surely get good prices during these times.