Why do American immigrants have a schedule? First of all, the US government has an annual plan for immigration. At the end of each year, the quota for the next year will be arranged according to the completion schedule of the previous year’s immigration plan. If the number of immigrant applicants exceeds this quota, the US government will arrange the applicant’s case trial process according to the number of immigration application cases, the immigration case review schedule, etc., because sometimes the applicant needs to wait for a long time, so there will be Schedule. However, before applying, international students need to ensure that the vaccination of international students(also known as留学生疫苗接种) has been completed.

DOS is responsible for estimating the green card schedule(also known as绿卡排期) and publishing the immigration schedule, which is often referred to as table A and table B. Table A is Application Final Action Dates, also known as immigration scheduling. Table B is the earliest Dates for Filing Applications.

What is the difference between table A and table B? In order to know table A and table B, we must have A Priority Date. You can find the Priority Date in the i-797 Notice of Action.

In plain English, if the date on form B advances to the priority date of the applicant, then the applicant can submit the application for i-485 green card, visa and work card, etc. However, the immigration office will not deal with it at this time. Only when the date in table A has also advanced to the priority date of the applicant, will the immigration office begin to process the i-485 form and the green card application.

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